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Backbone Chiropractic

We are located in the heart of downtown Middlebury, Indiana in the historical building...


"Stabilizing the foundation of your health"...


Doc. Joshua Beck 


Miss Amanda...


Dr. Josh uses a variety of techniques and tools with his adjusting...

Our Location
Our Location

We are located in the heart of downtown Middlebury, Indiana in the historical building that served as the barbershop for many decades. More recently it was brought back to life as Wedgewood Brewing Co.  It is located on the south east corner of Warren and Main.


106 S. Main St.- Middlebury, IN 46540

Our Approach
Our Approach

“Stabilizing the foundation

of your health”
At Backbone Chiropractic, we use tonal chiropractic and Quantum Neurology to maximize the effect chiropractic has on the body.  We recognize that the body is self-healing and self-regulating and strive to remove the stresses that can bog this process down.  By balancing traditional chiropractic and modern tonal and neurological rehabilitation techniques, we can help patients move towards the levels of health they desire.

Our Team
Our Team

Dr. Joshua Beck grew up in a rural area near Valparaiso, Indiana.  He is the son of  a podiatrist turned pastor.  He graduated from Boone Grove High School in 2005.  He received his Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Studies from Valparaiso University in 2009.  Shortly thereafter he began working as assistant plant manager at a chemical plant in Bristol where he oversaw manufacturing, product quality control, and environmental reporting.  It was during this time working side by side with employees on the assembly line that he really became more aware of the physical wear and tear that manufacturing places on worker's bodies.  This combined with trying to overcome his own injuries led to him deciding to go back to school to become a chiropractor.  Dr. Josh graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2016.  He returned to the Middlebury area and has been working in a network of chiropractic offices in Goshen, Warsaw and Fort Wayne.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Josh has continually strived to learn more and techniques to help the patients that stubbornly refuse to respond to more traditional methods.  If these methods can help the most difficult cases, they can certainly help the easier ones.  Dr. Josh has been trained and certified in many techniques.  Proficiency Rated in Activator, Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release, certified in Auriculotherapy, trained in the Lebowitz Protocol, and trained in Quantum Neurology.  There is always a new skill to master and new knowledge to pursue.

Dr. Josh enjoys spending time with the lovely Miss Amanda, strength training, marksmanship, and spending time with his dog, cat and one and a half horses.

Amanda was born and raised in the Middlebury area. She graduated from Northridge in 2006 and went on to study Marketing and Design at IUPUI graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2010. She has worked in Marketing / Design jobs in the RV industry, as a Sign Fabricator and designer and sales in the Monument industry.   Sometimes she sees RVs and boats sporting the graphics she designed years ago. After working for a while, her health began to deteriorate—ultimately resulting in the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, a debilitating autoimmune disorder of the large intestine. Amanda is Dr. Josh’s original patient, every method he uses now was originally learned and used in hope of improving her health. It wasn’t easy, but by also dramatically changing her lifestyle and diet, she has been in remission with her ulcerative colitis without medication for a few years now.

Amanda is passionate about design work. Without her vision, the office would be little more than bare walls if it was all left up to Dr. Josh. In her free time she enjoys nurturing plants, gardening, spending time with her nieces / nephews and loving on her pets.  She has a dog that she enjoys training and is now learning to communicate with words by pressing buttons. She also has a cat, but the cat's only ambition is to sleep and cuddle.

Our Technique
Our Technique


Dr. Josh uses a variety of techniques and tools with his adjusting.  His primary adjusting methods rely on Torque Release Technique, a method of giving very specific adjustments to release the tension on the spinal cord.  Once this process is completed, a few more adjustments may be administered to relieve areas of the spine that may need correction.  Dr. Josh uses manual adjusting, drop tables, activator, integrator, and arthrostim adjusting instruments.  


Quantum Neurology

The name Quantum Neurology means Beyond Neurology.  It is a state of the art method for nervous system rehabilitation using light therapy and nerve specific exercises.  It works to activate the body's natural actions, reactions, and reflexes to restore the cranial (nerves from the brain that give us our senses), motor (muscle and movement), sensory (nerves that give us sensation), and visceral (organs) nerves.  This will help restore function in complex cases and improve human performance in athletes and wellness focused individuals.  For more information visit

Dr. Josh Beck is so friendly and I know I can normally get in, get adjusted, and leave feeling some relief. I’m a licensed cosmetologist, so being in my feet all day and using my shoulders/back muscles all day can give you some stress. I always feel better after an adjustment with Dr. Josh
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