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Do you accept insurance?

Backbone Chiropractic is a cash based practice--this means that payment is the responsibility of the patient at time of service.  A superbill (a specific receipt for insurance reimbursement) will be available for patients with chiropractic coverage in their insurance policies.  

How long does an adjustment take and what does it cost?

After the initial visit, which will take around 20 minutes, a standard adjustment will take about 5-7 minutes, and a single neurological rehabilitation session will last 10 minutes.  To speed the neurological rehabilitation process up, sometimes double sessions can be booked.  The initial visit with adjustment is $90, and subsequent traditional adjustments cost $45.  Neurological rehab sessions are $75.

Where can I park?

Parking is available on the side street, north of the building on Warren Street. There is also a city parking lot located behind the building on State Street. Please use front door entrance only.

Are you a walk in clinic or appointment based?

We are an appointment based clinic, we want to make sure people don't have to wait. 

Do I have to take X-rays?

For most cases, x-rays are not needed, but if the doctor sees fit he may order them outside the clinic.

Do you adjust babies or elderly people?

We do, chiropractic care is needed at all ages. The doctor will adjust his techniques and tools for gentler care if needed.

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